Santa’s Leadership Lesson #10 – Decision Making

With choosing presents for every child he delivers to, surely Santa has more decisions to make than most. How does Santa ensure his decisions are high quality and timely. Weighing up what to get each child each year must be

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Santa’s Leadership Lesson #9 – Presentation skills

From appearances on TV to personal chats in Santa’s grotto, it is fair to say Santa is the master of presentation skills. As every leader knows, effective presentations are more than just being able to stand up and talk in

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Santa’s Leadership Lesson #8 – Work / Life Balance

On behalf of Santa I would like to apologise for the missing blog on the 8th December, Santa was unavailable due to family commitments. Ironically his intended lesson for the 8th December was work/life balance! As you know, December is

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7th December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #7 – Creativity

Elves for your production team and reindeer for your delivery crew, I think we can all learn something about creativity from Santa or can we? A creative leader comes up with new and innovative ideas, is seen as original and

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6th December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #6 – Customer Focus

Does Santa have customers? Well, maybe not paying customers, but I like to believe that in his leadership role that is certainly how he thinks of all the children he delivers presents to each year. So here is what we

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5th December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #5 – Dealing with Conflict

Maybe yesterday I portrayed the Santa Corporation as a bed of roses…Santa demonstrating all those warmer leadership qualities we like to imagine every leader has. Today I’d like to redress the balance and consider another one of Santa’s fine leadership

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4th December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #4 – Motivating Others

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “what does Santa need to worry about motivation for?” After all, what could be better work for his teams down at Lapland than making toys, delivering presents and delighting children worldwide.  I agree,

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3rd December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #3 – Sense of Humour

OK, so this is obviously a trait Santa demonstrates in bucket loads; funny suit, working with elves, using reindeers and a sleigh for transport, but what has a sense of humour got to do with Leadership you might ask. How can

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2nd December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #2 – Drive for Results

December 25th – a very clear deadline for Mr Claus, and one that I remember only too well from a season when I was responsible for the production of a large amount of a famous retailer’s Christmas puddings! Combining a

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1st December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #1 – Create a Compelling Vision!

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion” – a great quote from the author Thomas Hardy. And what better vision than the one Santa Claus creates in young

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