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Santa’s Leadership Lesson #11 – Approachability

If you are going to dress in a garish red suit and have a larger than life personality – being approachable is an essential skill you will need as a leader. As a leader ‘being approachable’ is defined by demonstrating

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4th December – Santa’s Leadership Lesson #4 – Motivating Others

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “what does Santa need to worry about motivation for?” After all, what could be better work for his teams down at Lapland than making toys, delivering presents and delighting children worldwide.  I agree,

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KPIs – targets to aspire to or a stick to beat you with?

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators – there was a time when I would have needed to explain that 3 letter acronym, but no longer. There cannot be a business in the country that doesn’t have them, or feels it should.

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3 Starter points for Engaging Your Employees

One of the biggest reasons for companies not actively developing their own employee engagement strategies is not knowing where to start. So to get you going, here are our 3 points to consider when starting your engagement journey: 1. Get

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