Management Development Coaching

Our coaching programmes support you to increase your effectiveness and realise your full potential at work

Coaching for Development – accelerating your progress of development to increase your effectiveness in your role.

Research carried out by the International Personnel Management Association concluded that training increases productivity by 22%, when paired with coaching it increases productivity by between 88% – 400%. As a lot of management development is about developing the most effective behaviours for you in your role, we have developed coaching programmes specifically aimed at ‘soft-skill’ development. Our behaviours in work are built up over many years, and we know that changing those behaviours is not something that happens by simply sitting in a class room and learning the theory. Our excellent coaching programmes ensure that whichever management skills you are working on, you can build and develop those new behaviours until they become your default setting.

Here are some example areas we have worked with people on:

  • developing your effective leadership style
  • influencing skills and working relationships
  • time management
  • effective delegation and empowerment
  • confidence and assertiveness
  • presentation skills

What you can expect from our coaching programmes -

  • Tailored to meet your needs
  • One to one coaching sessions
  • Confidential discussions
  • Clear objectives agreed by all parties

And finally a little about our approach:

Thinking Levels

Most people would agree that results are driven by actions and behaviours; it makes sense that your actions and behaviours are guided by your skills and capability. Your capability is also guided by your beliefs about yourself and what can be achieved. To ensure you achieve fast and sustainable results we work with you in all these areas of your thinking.

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