At the heart of any people development there needs to lie an understanding of preferred styles and behaviours.

We can provide you with access to two of the most widely used psychometric profiling tools to assist with any work you complete with us.

There are numerous psychometric tools available for use in the workplace and which one you choose to use will depend on what you are using it for, listed below is what we generally use and why, please see the separate pages for further information on these tools.

Leadership and Management Development – a Myers Briggs Personality Type profile can be an invaluable tool in starting any Leadership or Management development work. As the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) gives an overview of your preferred ways of working, and focuses on what you are most likely to be well developed, it also is a great way to highlight area where more development can be beneficial. We have used it in numerous cases to help leaders understand their default settings. This has helped them find the right way to develop in their well developed areas.

Team Working – adding psychometric profiling to your team building, can provide valuable insight into each others’ preferred ways of working. Many of our clients find that using the right Psychometric tool gives them an objective language to understand and appreciate each others’ differences. Frustrations that used to result from people preferring different approaches become harnessed as valuable insight.


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