Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) – just a little about what it is and why we like it

The quick summary – Myers Briggs is a psychometric profile that looks at our preferred ways of doing things. It looks at what sort of information we prefer to use and how we prefer to make decisions, it also takes into account where we draw our energy from and how we like to interact and get things done. The MBTI is the most well used and statistically researched of the numerous psychometric tools. (We won’t bore your with the evidence now, but do give us a call if you are would like to know more about this)

  • The MBTI describes with equal weight the benefits of a certain preference, and then just as clearly shows you the potential pitfalls of that preference – providing an excellent way to further develop you as a manager, leader or key player within your organisation.
  • The MBTI helps us see how we ‘prefer’ to work…it does not say we have to! This is one of the reasons we love it to use it so much, rather that putting you in a box (as some psychometric tools can), the MBTI very much works in a way to show you how you can get out of your box. It introduces the idea that although you may have a ‘default’ setting, you have a choice and can increase your flexibility and effectiveness by choosing how you prefer to work
  • The MBTI is great at giving teams those ‘a-ha’ moments when team members suddenly realise they have a naturally different way of looking at things and the benefits this brings.

And one final thing, the way we administer the MBTI means that you get the final say – it uses an extensively researched questionnaire and then with some well designed scenarios you decide what is the best way of describing your ways of working. This is vital as we believe, the start point to developing your self and building effective teams around you is understanding yourself first.

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