Santa’s Leadership Lesson #11 – Approachability

If you are going to dress in a garish red suit and have a larger than life personality – being approachable is an essential skill you will need as a leader.

As a leader ‘being approachable’ is defined by demonstrating key behaviours, behaviours that ensure people readily warm to you and feel they can open up their thinking with you.

We can see Santa demonstrate this leadership quality in sleigh loads – great listening skills, plenty of patience and perfect composure (even in the most challenging and stressful circumstances). We can see how for Santa this is an essential skill as he needs to win over the confidence and respect of parents and children alike.

So what for the rest of us – it is worth considering the benefits of this leadership quality for all organizational leaders.

A leader who is approachable:

  • Gets more commitment
  • Engenders greater  innovation and creativity
  • Develops his team better as he makes room to help them develop their thinking.

All this leading to a more motivated and productive following.

Consider this the next time one of your team needs some room to discuss things, will they approach you?

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