Santa’s Leadership Lesson #14 – Understanding Business

Can you ever lead if you don’t understand? I am not saying you need to be an expert in every area of your organisation, but when leading a business or function you most certainly need a general understanding of business as well as to be able to demonstrate understanding of the area you lead.

Understanding business involves knowing how businesses work in general, keeping up to date with latest sector trends and knowing about the competition.

Well, I think it is safe to say that Santa understands the ‘present’ industry; we already know he is keeping up well with trends in technology and I think there is strong evidence that he knows his competition.

The three key seasonal events of the year for children are, without doubt, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Despite the Easter Bunny doing his best to bring children around to his affection with limitless amounts of chocolate and even sneaking gifts inside his eggs, his popularity does not come anywhere near that of Santa’s. Even the combined effort of the Halloween associates, the witches, ghouls, monsters and now even aliens who tempt children into trickle treating, gathering as much confectionary as possible, is not enough to knock Santa off the top spot.

Santa has lead and developed his organisation, always with one eye closely watching his competition – I am sure in years gone by you could only get chocolate eggs or bunnies at Easter and now we see how Santa has added Chocolate reindeer in response to the Easter Bunny’s offering.

The Christmas stocking was once a simple affair, but had Santa not lead the organisation forward and developed his service what might have happened. Perhaps the Easter Bunny would have further developed his Easter basket or the Halloween associates would have redefined the Trickle treat bucket. Could one of them have ultimately wrestled Santa into second place in the seasonal gifts market place?

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