Santa’s Leadership Lesson #15 – Achieving Results Through Others

At first sight, that sounds like a hard-nosed leadership quality for someone seen as so benevolent as Santa.

All organisations that employ people or contractors ultimately need to achieve results through the people in the organisation and Santa is no exception.

We have already explored how he demonstrates organisational and motivating qualities and the ability to achieve organisational results through others is a key part of this.

In this lesson from Santa we explore the kind of behaviours he demonstrates to achieve this. Included within this leadership area is the ability to delegate, direct others and manage and measure their work.

And yes, I am going to talk about his workforce of elves and reindeer again. Like any people in an organisation the majority will be well motivated, capable and eager to achieve and will need very little direct intervention to ensure they succeed in the tasks delegated to them. Others, for a variety of reasons will need more attention and support. There may be newer elves at various levels in the organisation that will initially need a more directive approach on what needs to be achieved and how to achieve it; others may need less direction, but more regular contact to keep them on the right path.

Santa uses the skills of any good leader to take the right approach for the right person (or elf); to set the right intervals and balance of checking their progress and offering support to achieve their objectives.

Finally on the long delivery round on Christmas Eve, Santa has to keep an extremely close eye on the final delivery schedule ensuring he is neither too early and catches the children still awake or too late and the children are up before he has been. As I am sure many of you know, with the seasonal excitement, that can be a very small window indeed!

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