Santa’s Leadership Lesson #16 – Perspective

An ability to offer a broad view, think globally and consider future situations – Santa draws on his wealth of experience, wisdom and interaction with numerous countries and cultures to show us how to use perspective in our businesses.

A leader who can demonstrate perspective can add real defining value to any organisation, perspective is essential in helping leaders develop ideas and strategies and notice and develop connections both within their own organisations and between other organisations.

Santa, like any other leader with perspective, notices what is going on in the world, he builds up a broad library of information that serves him to develop ideas and connections. Mr Claus has obviously been keeping on top of technological advancements and this has helped him develop effective communication and marketing systems built around the internet and social media.

Perspective as a leader also encompasses the ability to assess the impact of organisational issues and create an awareness of what this might mean for the future.

Perhaps for Santa this is an awareness that the gifts he brings not only bring joy at the time, but can develop into absorbing hobbies and create desire and skills for the future careers of the young minds that receive them.

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