Santa’s Leadership Lesson #18 – Talent Spotting

Get the right people in the right place with the right skills and your organisation will fly just like Santa’s.

Sounds pretty obvious really, as long as you have people with the right skills and attitude in roles that suit them everything will be fine, so what stops this happening in all organisations?

This area of leadership has two key dimensions, being able to spot and develop the right talent and attitude; and executing those decisions, especially when sometimes those decisions will be unpopular and may lead to upset for individuals or teams.

Santa shows us a vital point in selecting talent, being able to see difference and use this for the whole organisation’s benefit. Perhaps, when he recruited Rudolph he had already identified how useful that red nose would be, even though it made him stand out and meant Santa had some work to do with the other reindeer before they worked well as a team again. Working with teams of Elves, Santa also helps us see the benefit of recruiting those different to yourself, I wonder how may organisations suffer from the ‘mini-me’ leadership style of recruitment.

Santa also knows that getting the right people performing in the right place in the organisation doesn’t stop once they turn up either. The right on-boarding processes that get any new team member understanding their role and how to navigate their way in the organisation are just as vital. Then there is, of course, the continued training and development of the teams to ensure they grow with the organisation.

I would like to think that Santa, the Elves and the Reindeer spend some quality time in January on staff development ready for their next season. Wouldn’t you?

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