TeamBy their very nature successful teams are made up of a great mixture of thinking styles and preferred ways of working.  It should therefore not surprise us to find, that the very mixture that builds a successful team, can also be what causes conflict and tension. Layer in a healthy dose of differing priorities and values and it’s not unusual for a team to be less than a sum of its parts.

We work with teams to establish shared vision and values – ensure they are all genuinely working toward the same goal.

We work with teams and safely take them through the team development cycle (Form, Storm, Norm, Perform – Tuckman 1965).

We work with teams to:

 - develop an understanding of preferred ways of working
 - appreciate what the differences contribute to the team
 - find objective ways to discuss their differences

Each programme is tailored to the needs of the team, our programmes may revolve around building the team for a specific project , or building the team to achieve improved performance.

Psychometric profiling offers a lot and can be a great starting point for any team building event. We frequently work with the Myers Briggs personality type indicator which not only provides a great platform for team building, but also supports leadership development.

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