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Due to the nature of our work, many of the organisations and individuals we have worked with prefer not to be named publicly.

We are based in Yorkshire and have helped organisations get the best out of their people across the United Kingdom.

Here are just a few examples of the sectors we have worked in and the work we have done:

  • Increasing Staff Motivation – Retailing
  • Developing Effective Employee Engagement – Food Manufacturing
  • Leadership Development – Renewable Energies
  • Leadership Development – Food Manufacturing
  • Team Building – Food Manufacturing
  • Strategy Development – Food Manufacturing
  • Team Building – Accountancy
  • Confidence / Assertiveness Development – Recruitment

And just a few of the lovely things our clients have said about our coaching, training and team building:

“A well facilitated set of sessions with a quick grasp of the challenges facing us. You allowed the meetings to flow but held a firm rudder when needed”

“The interaction between the group was great along with the buy in to the process”

“People gaining an understanding of others in the team. Everyone has taken it very seriously”

“I found the coaching experience to be a positive pro cess that allowed me to find solutions to problems and become better able to plan my goals”

“When I started my coaching sessions, I really did not know what to expect, I was a bit apprehensive as I assumed coaching would be more pushy and almost Americanised. When I did begin I really thrived on the structure that coaching gave me. In the short time I had coaching I managed to achieve more than some of my peers had in the last 2 years”

“The coaching provided to me had a huge impact on both a professional and personal level. I requested coaching as I was facing one of my worst fears, I had been asked to speak publicly to a large audience. I had no belief in myself to that I could achieve this and I also didn’t have the confidence to even consider it. After a few sessions, I found that not only did I have the confidence to speak at the conference, but I was actually looking forward to it. The benefits of achieving my goal has enhanced my professional career significantly, however, the personal benefits have been far more rewarding. I would not hesitate to seek coaching in the future”

“Helped me realise my true aims and goals, how to achieve these goals and how to tackle obstacles which may arise. I found Veronica really easy to talk to and she helped me unlock dreams I never thought possible to achieve. Every session was extremely enjoyable and left me feeling inspired and ready to put my plans into action”

“I found the coaching really useful in helping me organise my mind and work schedule. It helped me identify things that were previously there, but that I had previously failed to act upon or recognise their full value”

“Veronica impressed me by understanding the situation straight away.  She prompted me to consider what I have already achieved in this area and what I need to do to next to improve my performance. I have come away with a clear action plan to address this issue and my line manager has agreed to give me feedback on how I’m progressing.”

“The session was really useful and generated positive insights”

We recently hosted a ‘Team working’ workshop as part of IGD’s Leading Edge Annual Convention at the QEII conference centre in London.

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