So you have heard about NLP, come along to one of our workshops and experience its benefits first hand

An introduction to NLP4Business – Dates to be announced for September 2013, please enquire for details

Through ‘An introduction to NLP4Business’, we take you on a whistle stop tour through a refined selection of some of the tools, techniques and theories that NLP provides to help you excel in your business….but without the jargon.

Covering core NLP topics, such as, communication skills, thinking patterns of NLP and how to get the best out of yourself; you will be applying these techniques on your own business; you will gain insight and find solutions for actual business issues.

NLP4Creativeplans – Dates to be announced for September 2013, please enquire for details

How do you make sure your seed of an idea turns into a tree? On this workshop, you will explore some NLP techniques that will enhance your creativity and business planning.

A lot of people describe themselves as creative or great at planning – rarely do we work with people who are naturally great at both. In this workshop you will work on one of your business ideas – not only will you come out with a very creative plan, you will also have a new tool to release ‘your other brain!’

To ensure you get the most out of these sessions, all our workshops are kept to small groups.

NLP4Time - Dates to be announced for September 2013, please enquire for details

Ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day? Using NLP techniques you will find solutions to ensure you get the important stuff done.

This is NOT a time management course! All we can say about this one – is Expect the Unexpected – we approach getting things done from a very different angle. We will, of course, be sticking to the core tools and techniques that NLP provides, and you will, as always work on real business issues.

Please note all our workshops can also be arranged as in-house business workshops, give us a call to find out how these could benefit your business.

To book or find out more, please get in touch.

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